Costs and Complications of
Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery





What are the potential complications of eyelid surgery?

Although cosmetic eyelid surgery is a relatively safe procedure, it is important to review the potential risks. The most dangerous complications of Blepharoplasty surgerycomplication from surgery is excessive bleeding after the surgery. The nerve that is responsible for eyesight could be potentially squeezed by excess blood and cause permanent loss of vision. By stopping any blood thinning medications two weeks prior to surgery the chances of such a problem are greatly diminished. Other potential risks of surgery include double vision, dry eyes, infection, a retracted or pulled down eyelid, asymmetry, undercorrection, overcorrection, and the need for more surgery. A brow lift has its own unique set of complications. These include tenderness along the hairline and weakness of the facial nerve. Fortunately, with good surgical technique such problems are rare.


One effect of surgery that is quite common is the formation of milia during the healing process. These are small cysts that can form along the incision line in the weeks after surgery. These cysts are hard to see with the naked eye but can be seen with a magnifying mirror. They are treated at first with simple observation since they usually resolve on there own and they are so difficult for anyone to see. If they don’t go away spontaneously after a few months, Dr. Ebroon can remove them in the office very easily.

What are the fees?

The fees quoted depend on which surgery is planned, where the surgery will be performed, and if there are any features that make the procedure more complicated and time consuming. For example, a patient who has never had eyelid surgery before and is interested in cosmetic surgery of their upper eyelids will be quoted aBlepharoplasty fees $3200 surgeon’s fee. If this surgery is performed in a surgery center there are also additional fees for the surgery center and anesthesiologist that come to an additional $1250 (see the section above on where surgery is performed for more information about surgery performed in the office surgery suite or in the surgery center). Again, these are fees only for patients having cosmetic eyelid surgery for the first time. Fees may be different if additional procedures are performed or if special techniques need to be added in unique circumstances. The fees quoted here for upper eyelid cosmetic surgery may be raised at any time and are only guaranteed if surgery is scheduled.




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