Blepharoplasty Healing Process






How long will the healing process take?


For cosmetic eyelid surgery the simple answer is about two weeks. The reality is that there are so many factors that go into the healing process that in an individual’s case the healing time can vary. What affects healing time? Some factors that affect healing are which procedures are performed, how easily the patient bruises, how well the eyelids are taken care of during the postoperative period, and how good of a healer the patient is.


cosmetic eyelid surgery healingUpper eyelid blepharoplasty causes bruising and swelling that starts soon after the surgery. The bruising and swelling will worsen the day after the surgery. Most patients will start improving on the third day after surgery and many patients feel comfortable driving on this day. Simple tasks around the house can be done as long as there is no heavy lifting. 


Stitches will be removed by Dr. Ebroon between the fifth and seventh day after surgery. Patients who can work while still being bruised and swollen often choose to work after their stitches come out. There is no exact time when the healing stops. Rather it is a process that involves many stages. Most patients look very good after two weeks. Nevertheless, there is often a slight amount of swelling that can slowly resolve for even twelve months after surgery. Also, the hidden incision in the eyelid slowly loses its red color and becomes thinner. This process can take months to heal as well, but since the incision is hidden it is not an issue. Of course, if more surgery is performed then the healing process takes longer. A brow lift or surgery to remove the under eye bags will increase the healing time somewhat.




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