Cosmetic Surgery Technique
(Where is the surgery performed?)






Cosmetic Surgery Technique



Patients interested in cosmetic upper eyelid surgery can choose between having their surgery in the office surgery suite or in Dr. Ebroon performing cosmetic eyelid surgerythe surgery center. Dr. Ebroon only performs surgery in Medicare approved surgery centers like the Lynn Eye Surgery Center or the Westlake Eye Surgery Center . The advantage of the surgery center is that an IV is started and sedative medications are given (generally Versed, Fentanyl, and Propofol.) These medications put the patient into a twilight state that allows maximal comfort without having to be put to sleep. An MD anesthesiologist is present at all times to monitor a patient’s health and to ensure optimal care during IV sedation. The patients that choose surgery in the surgery center are generally those that would like to be as unaware as possible during the surgery, without having to be put to sleep.


On the other hand, patients can choose to have upper eyelid surgery in the office surgery suite. In order to maintain maximal patient safety, no IV sedation is given in the office surgery suite, although dose of oral valium can be given for relaxation. Patients do feel a slight discomfort when the eyelids are numbed with lidocaine. This process takes about 30-45 seconds. Once the lidocaine has been administered, patients are quite comfortable. The advantage of having surgery in the Dr. Ebroon performing cosmetic eyelid surgeryoffice surgery suite is that the patient is not charged a separate fee by the surgery center or by the anesthesiologist.


Patients who are interested in lower eyelid blepharoplasty or in brow lifts all have their surgery done in the surgery center. For these procedures the extra sedation in the IV is necessary for good patient comfort and an excellent surgical experience.



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