Considering Cosmetic
Eyelid Surgery






Who should consider cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is right for many people, but it is not right for everyone. How does one know if blepharoplasty is right cosmetic eyelid surgeryfor them? A good candidate for blepharoplasty wants to restore a more youthful and rested appearance to their eyes. Droopy or baggy eyes communicate to others a sense of fatigue, disinterest, and senescence. Many people simply don’t want their face to express to others these qualities when they feel quite the opposite about themselves. The best candidate for cosmetic eyelid surgery wants their appearance to better communicate their feelings of youth, energy, and vitality.

Many people who are interested in cosmetic eyelid surgery tell Dr. Ebroon that they are interested in blepharoplasty but that they truly are not “vain.” They’re right! Most people are not looking at cosmetic eyelid as a way to just look better. They realize that although cosmetic eyelid surgery does make the eyes look more beautiful, the appearance of the eyes conveys a deeper quality. The eyes express to those we know and meet something deeper about ourselves before we have a chance to communicate in other ways. 

Once it is understood what makes a good candidate for cosmetic eyelid surgery, then it is easy to see who is not a good candidate. A poor candidate for cosmetic eyelid surgery is one who doesn’t truly feel energetic, vital, or interested and is hoping that the surgery will make them so. In other words, those who are hoping the eyelids can be brought into better harmony with who they are on the inside do very well with cosmetic eyelid surgery. However, those who hope the surgery will change who they are on the inside are not as good candidates.

What happens to the eyelids to make them look aged?

This excess skin can occur above the eyes in the upper eyelids or below the eyes in the lower eyelids. Extra skin and puffy eyelids can be present simply from being born with a tendency to form baggy eyelids. Saggy, stretched skin can also form asblepharoplasty part of the aging process. Medical conditions like sinusitis or recurrent allergies can cause repeated swelling and contraction around the eyes as well. As skin stretches and descends, extra tissue accumulates around the eyes. Furthermore, the firm tissue that normally holds back the natural fat pads around the eyes can also stretch. The weakening of this tissue allows the fat pockets around the eyes to bulge forward, causing puffy bags to form around the eyes in conjunction with the hanging, loose skin.





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