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Botox and Restylane have become exceptionally popular with patients in the last several years. The success rate of both of these products has proven to be excellent with minimal risk and very, very high patient satisfaction. I have found the combination of Botox and Restylane achieve outstanding results for my patients with tremendous feedback and satisfaction.

restylane photoBotox and Restylane work in two different ways. Botox weakens the muscle action in specific areas of the face and, therefore, leads to significant improvements, particularly in the forehead, frown line, and crow’s feet area. Restylane is a soft tissue filler and has proven very successful for filling in soft tissue indentations throughout the face, including areas such as the frown lines, laugh lines, cheeks, lips, and any other area where augmentation of the soft tissues is beneficial. Patients have found the results of Restylane very satisfying. Botox should be repeated at three-month intervals to get the optimal result, and Restylane should be repeated every six months to get the optimal result.

Outstanding results are achieved by the combination of both of these products. In particular, the following areas can be treated, which, in my opinion, increases the final ultimate result an additional 50% beyond the use of just Botox or Restylane alone. Areas that are best treated by the combination are:

  1. Frown lines
  2. Specific crow’s feet areas
  3. Some areas above the upper lip and laugh line areas

The combined effects of using Restylane and Botox in my practice have eliminated the need for more invasive or surgical procedures and yet can give superb results that, in many cases, mimic the results of more extensive and involved surgical procedures. 



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