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Tiff A.
Ventura, CA
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“I am 63 and Dr Ebroon made me look 10 years younger. This is not an exaggeration. I had no visible lids, and had huge bags with lipid pimple looking things under my eyes. I knew I hated the mirror but thought it was maybe just me being hard on myself. Then a friend who hadn't seen me in a few years met me and said that I still had my spunky personality. Her tone made the message clear. I felt awful. It was a wake up call. I decided to have both upper and lower lids fixed by Dr. Ebroon, which he did about 6 weeks ago. Recently everyone is telling me I look great- they can't put their finger on why, but seriously about 3 people in one month commented on my looks. I look in the mirror and am no longer horrified by what I've turned into! Basically I look like me again. The me that I recognize as how I used to look and that I feel nice about! Still a middle aged woman, but a nice looking one! My husband constantly tells me I look beautiful. Today I went for a follow up visit and they showed me my "before" picture. it was of an old woman with old eyes. Thank G-d she's no longer part of my life. Every time I think of that "before" picture, I shudder. Get your eyes done by this talented doctor. It makes Such a big difference."

Yelp Review

Armine V.
Simi Valley, CA
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“I went in today for a stye removal with Dr. Ebroon. My appointment was at 9am, and i was in and out by 9:45am! This includes filling out paperwork as I'm a new patient, then meeting with the nurse, meeting with the doctor and talking about the procedure, then being prepped for the surgery, numbing, anesthesia, and the actual procedure all took less than an hour. This isn't to say they rushed through it. Everyone was just so professional and on top of things. Dr. Ebroon explained everything in detail, and did such a smooth job during the procedure. It was my first time here and I was a bit hesitant as I've had another similar procedure done in the past with another doctor who did a horrible job and left a scar. So I'm very pleased with Dr. Ebroon and his team at Conejo-Simi Eye Medical group and will be going back should I need an ophthalmologist in the future."

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In addition to cosmetic eyelid surgery and brow lifts, the office offers a host of other facial cosmetic services. These include Botox (with new patient treatment visualizer), Dysport (a new wrinkle remover), Juvederm (with new patient treatment visualizer), Restylane, microdermabrasion with a diamond tome wand, chemical peels, medical grade facial procedures, and medical grade skin care products. Dr. Ebroon is a teacher and mentor to other physicians including Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons on the advanced technique in cosmetic fillers and Botox.

Dr. Ebroon also performs reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, eye socket, and tear ducts for those patients suffering from diseases related to these areas. This includes patients with droopy eyelids, eyelid cancer, broken bones around the eyes, tearing disorders, thyroid eye disease (Grave's disease), and other eyelid disorders.

Dr. Ebroon invites you to enter his site to learn more about cosmetic eyelid surgery and the other procedures that he performs.


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